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Being stuck in a hotel room with some supplies that we picked up only yesterday, does not usually constitute an eventful day in my holiday regimes. I tend to prefer jam-packed action holidays with several sites per day visited. Unfortunately for us, due to the torrential rain and Typhoon Komatsu overhead, pretty much the whole island shut down. We spent the better half of the day eating what we had bought and watching some TV before we decided to have a look outside to see what the weather was like. Surprisingly it was somewhat calm: the sun was not out; the ground was still damp, and the wind significantly lighter than before. Our potential horror of being stuck in the hotel room for a few days on our first every Okinawa vacation didn’t actually happen! Unfortunately for us because a typhoon had just passed through, this basically meant that even though the island was calmer, the attractions did not reopen.  So we did the best next thing, we went to a local Aeon mall via car, had a look around. Driving there it was still wet, and rain continued to fall intermittently, which always makes driving less fun, but nonetheless at least we had something to do. We picked up some manga from Aeon and were happy that tomorrow we could actually continue our plans with only one day wasted.


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