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Sofitel Brisbane THYME Restaurant! This expensive several star hotel is situation centrally in Brisbane city and in the last couple of years the restaurant had been given a complete makeover offering a very tasty but slightly expensive Buffet feast for kings. The buffet prices vary depending on the day and whether your going for lunch or for dinner. But prices range from 59.95 for the buffet to a night time on a Saturday setting you back about 90 Dollars. What you actually get for your money is a large selection of Asian food, fresh oysters, large steamed prawns, the best selection of miniaturised desserts and a good daily offering of roasted meats and vegetables. The atmosphere is very pleasant with a good portion of guests being casuals with their loyalty cards and the rest being hotel guests/business people. As the food is not cheap eating here on a regular basis can set you back quite a decent amount of money, but if you want to save there is a loyalty hotel program called the Accor Card. You can Google Accor Advantage plus and get yourself a card that will allow you and one other person to get 50% off on the meal price and 10% discount on the day rate of hotels in the chain. The card is great value for money and if you have this card you can split the meal price into two effectively paying only $30 dollars each for the meal. When you get these discounts it becomes great value for money especially if you eat a several course meal. I highly recommend this buffet the food is fresh, tasty and a good variety will never upset the palette. If your looking to impress someone this might just be the right place for you. Check it out if you got the money to spend on food.



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